About Deer Run Beef

Hormone Free?

Our Beef is raised on all natural grass and cow milk hormones. Deer Run Farms cattle get nutrients
and minerals from home grown feed raised on the farm. Supplemental minerals are fed as
NYS soils are lacking in selenium, copper and many other needed trace element


About 99%. We use 0.0459 ounces per square foot of commercial fertilizer.
That works out to 0.0286 ounces per corn plant. Our 5-7 year rotation of clover and grass sod and
regular application of composted manure gives the soil a chance to rest and build up
naturally occurring nutrients and minerals.

Fed Antibiotics?   

Deer Run Farms cattle are not fed low dose antibiotics as is common in mid west  feed lots.


Cattle at Deer Run Farms have a stress free life, they even like the cold better than we do.


That's the best reason to purchase from Deer Run Farm. From the first taste to the very last bite you will know you have eaten the best beef on the market!


For the quality you get, it's the best value for flavorful dietary proteins...your dog will even smile when given the T-Bone!

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